Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously, you've forgotten it.
That's the way the human mind works.
Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us
to entertain, we reject it.
We erase it from our memories.
But the imprint is always there.

The pain that grips you
The fear that binds you
Releases life in me
In our mutual
Shame we idolize
To blind them from the truth
That finds a way from who we are
Please don't be afraid
When the darkness fades away
The dawn will break the silence
Screaming in our hearts
My love for you still grows
This I do for you
Before I try to fight the truth my final time

"We're supposed to try and be real.
And I feel alone, and we're not together. And that is real."

Lying beside you
Listening to you breathe
The life that flows inside of you
Burns inside of me
Hold and speak to me
Of love without a sound
Tell me you will live through this
And I will die for you
Cast me not away
Say you'll be with me
For I know I cannot
Bear it all alone

"You're not alone, honey."
"Never... Never."
"But the imprint is always there. Nothing is ever really forgotten."

Define Care

I would like to say “I care for you” instead using “I Love you”. Why? Because care is more tender and sound honest to me. I’ve heard too many people used the word LOVE and lied, well then for me the meaning of LOVE is already polluted and never felt true any more.

Care is a feeling that not only stands for liking or loving someone, but truly concern and warms a heart. We care for someone, we want them to be happy, we never are selfish, we never lied and we never disappointed if the love we felt is never be reply. We care for them for the best and the worst, we never pushed them apart neither push them afar.

If I met someone that I really cared of, I will looked at him from distance, wondering if he is doing okay, are the day going well, or maybe if there is something bothered him that caused those wrinkles on his forehead shows up. I would like to see him hanging out with his friends, talk and laughing about something funny, eat the food that he likes and breathe the air easily.

I would like the person that I care to be free and happy. I like to be happy just to know that I am not selfish, I am not forcing or doing anything that annoyed him. It doesn't matter if he did not feel the same way towards me; it’s okay because a true feeling is when we do what our heart desired.

be mine :)

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