Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Half Hearted

Always do the thing that you loved,
with the one you loved the most

Girls out there,
Be certain,
never half hearted.
If you like a men, be true and never lie.
If the men you like is half hearted,
never put yourself as an option,
Be with a men who will fight for you,
Find a men who meant every words he said,
Love a men whom instead of promising,he do it.
you can always give him a second chance,
see if he can repent himself,
If he did the same mistakes again,if he hurt you again,
leave him...
I know you loved him,
but stick with him will gain you nothing,
be brave and make decision.
It will always break your heart when he walk away,
but he is not the one,
he never be the one if he hurt you more than love you.
We certainly have a soft heart,
but it's not an excuse to be weak.
Be strong...

Being half hearted is never been an attitude,
it's a disease that make you put someone into misery.

My Safe Place

once in a while,
I tend to run away from problem instead of facing it.
Sometimes it is easier to be weak rather than being brave.
I do have the day that I'll be as weak as a person can be.

Running away is never an option,
but when I make it as a priority,
I hide in my own safe place...
When I feel beat to the ground,
when I want to be alone,
When I feel helpless,
Usually I walk myself to the nearest beach I can find,
I love beaches..
and I love to be alone there...
That is my safe place.

But if the moment of emptiness come
when the night has arrived,
I rather be locked up in my room,
put up the loudest volume of my favourite music
with ear plug in my ear..
sang along with the lyrics
Think nothing and just be one with the sound...
I do that until I fall asleep...
what worst can it be other than crying in your sleep...

Everyone will experienced this feeling once in a while,
you have your own safe place and way to fill in the empty spot
in your heart,so do I
It gets better...

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