Thursday, May 31, 2012

The People who stay in my Heart

Pictured the emptiness in our heart,
Memorised the one who knock on the door
and leave the day after,
Imagine a life without someone you can't live without..
my heart shivered when I did that,
Don't you?

Although there is sun heated too strong,
it burn my skin
and makes me sweaty,
the person who stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

Although there is rainy day
and I am all soaking wet
with my make-up being washed away,
the person who stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

Although it's been 12 years of knowing each other
the fight and fist we thrown
the tears and blood,
when we started to call each other in bad times
when we hugs each other in joy,
there is no words to described our friendship,
so when you stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

So here we go again,
Together Forever...
Kikie, Aemy and Jana.
Let's make our friendship everlasting,
like a fairy tale,
In the end
we will be happily ever after.

I Love you babes,..


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Road Not Taken

“If the path I’m taking is wrong, correct me...and lead me the right way. If the life I live is unfair, do not let me live...I’d rather die than live a mislead journey.” -Ah yin

Living things categories the needed into 3, 
which is the need for live (air,water and food), 
the need for security and the need for somebody to loved.
The need to find somebody to love is mostly the tricky part to fulfil. 
Sometime when the person found one, the one got away or maybe that person choose to walk away because of greediness to find someone else better rather than be grateful to what they have found earlier.

Many people assumed that the third need is not necessary. 
Some people choose to live alone but the truth is, nobody is alone. 
Love is universal; it includes family and friends beside that someone special. Connected to each other through body and soul, that somebody to love function to complete our need to live a perfect life then that person will have nothing else to seek. 

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. 

We will never feel completed even though those 3 needs are fulfil.
Regardless, we are made in pair. 
I believe that each and every one of us has been created a partner. 
Either we found it or not. 
Either we choose to look or close our eyes, either we found it already but letting go, or maybe either we just too late.
 I believe in destiny, I believe in God’s plans.
 I also believe people make mistakes.
. That the rain will always bring cold but the rainbow after is breathtaking. Everything is worth no matter how worst it could be.

We tell lies under 2 circumstances. 
Either we did it to make the person we lied to feel better, or we did it to make only we feel better. 
You choose. 

Still a lie is a lie, once the truth is revealed; everybody got stabbed in their heart.
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