Sunday, May 19, 2013

Urban Legend: Pinky Promise

"Supposedly, the Pinky Promise began back in the Edo Period as a gesture of devotion that prostitutes would make with their favorite customers. The “cutting” of the pinky signified the women severing her own finger as a sign of eternal affection for her partner, essentially saying that she loves him enough to commit shinju, or ritual lovers’ suicide with him." 

Sad how promises always left undone

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Both sides that never the same

You wish that you knew,
but truly,
You only knew half of it,
and the other half,
It's totally different.

I am in the mood of telling you my story,
About a man,
with two side of him. (who doesn't)
But normally,
you can guess the other side of human personality
when he/she revealing the first half.
It's easy to noticed IF he's being himself.
that's another story.

A man,
I knew to be completely matured and responsible,
He score 10/10 when first time we met.
Always the first impression will lead the other way right?
While he's being honest and open up to me,
I was blinded by his charming,
I am attracted by his attitude
and I am positive that he have a great soul.
Those words and stories,
sounds too good to be true,
I believe in him.

And the other half of him started to show up.
It's completely a shocking situation that I've ever been through,
But I am a very hardcore women.
I knew I was fooled but I don't breakdown.
I try to keep up with his other side,
but somehow it goes deeper and darker.
You see,
From being amazed it went to sympathy.
Of course a bit of hateful and regret somewhere,
but I made it through.
One will never get somewhere with revenge etc.
I let go.

Let go is easy,
but the memoir remains.
It's like a scar of war.
It reminds you of the enemy and hardship that you've been through.
It's a lesson in life.
Cliche how people say the scar will never gone with bad meanings,
even the scar's still there,
It won't hurt you as long as it remain as a scar.
People may see you differently with the scar,
You may look ugly or whatever harsh word it might be,
But every scar has it's own story.
It's a treasure that keeps you going.
You may go forward or backwards,
it's your choice. 

Lesson learned.
First impression is somehow can be manipulative,
A person specifically is always manipulative.
You think you know them,
But think again.

I believe in Karma. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

As You Are

The kids in our house!

Something weird with the hair duh...

This is smile according to this little kid

Too happy with only bread..:)

The Inevitable

I am obsessed about
the phrase that
" There is no such thing as coincidence in this world,  there just inevitable"

You see,
Every man and every tragedy we encountered every moment
is inevitable.
They may exist in our live temporarily,
but they are destined to give such an impact no matter how big or small it is.

 I mean the whole thing that God created or written to us,
we must treasure every bit of their existence.
They may leave us a deep despair or greatest honorable moment,
but everything is inevitable.

They say we could change our path,
But I say,
I could say I would,
but the whole truth is lies ahead
far from our knowledge.
Only God know.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Personal Choose : Best Sad Movie Ever

While we've been waiting for the 
result of PRU13,
I want to share the saddest movie ever.
Based on my opinion.
Here we go...

Please noted that I will list 2 of my all time favourite.

Sad Movie : Korean

It's a melodramatic film
with 4 plot of story in it.
The one that makes me cry the most,
Is the story between the mother and her son.

Will I tell you more about this movie?
But believe me,
This movie will make your eyes teary.
I cried and pretend that I am not

Here comes the other one,

P.S I Love You : English
Don't tell me you've never watched this must see movie??

“Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we're gone.” 
― Cecelia AhernP.S. I Love You

It's a must watch movie
if you in the mood to get teary and caught in the
emotional of love and life.

Have fun watching!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


In anything I do,
I wish for tranquility and peace.
For me, the greatest problem of all
is the burden you let hanging on your shoulder
and filling your mind and every thought.
That is a big problem.
You would like to stop thinking,
remembering and rewinding the same negative energy,
but you can't.
Sometimes I can't. I let this burden grow bigger
and I end up loss appetite, lack of sleep and over thinking.
When I show sign of all the above,
a laughter will be made up,
a fake smile will cover it up.
Everything will not be the same as it ever anymore.
You know what I am talking about right?
When you keep a problem to yourself,
you start thinking backwards and you just can't find a way out.
You try to distract your mind to other things
that will cheer you up,
but the happiness is temporary.
You'll end up start to think about the problem again
and the problematic routine will start all over again.
It takes me a week at least
to get over something that upset me.
After a week,
I usually feel like a newborn baby,
I feel energetic and finally found my inner peace.
But the past week,
It's a hell in your mind and soul.
Your mind wander everywhere,
You can't focused and distracted every time.
Love is not everything that we need,
We need tranquility.
We need to be freed from burden
that will stop you from accepting something fresh and new.

Let's find our inner peace.


A good things
means to be share with everyone
especially the one who closed to you
and meant the whole world in your life.
My family, lifetime friends and future family,
Here's for you.

Lagu-lagu medley Rock kapak by Ajek Hasan


" When does a person die? When they are shot through the chest with a pistol? No. When he suffers from an incurable disease? No. When he eats a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A person dies when they are forgotten... ”

I named everything

It's freezing in my office.
I hated air conditioner,
I hated winter (luckily Malaysia doesn't experience winter)
I hate cold places.
The fact is I easily caught cold and fever
if I am exposed to any degree of freezing's.
Anyone else might say it hot,
but I am sensitive to coldness.

Back to main point,
me and my sister bought
a balloon crocodile that can stand on it's own
with a sort-of bean support inside it.
(I don't know what it called!)
But hey,
It's green and half of my height
and you can punch it and sit on it,
It will never explode. hopefully

I decided to give it a name.
It's a crocodile,
so I named it CODY
After that,
everyone in the house called it that way.
Epic huh..
My laptop, hand phone and many other things
I can't list of,
actually have a name.
Haha~ I am sort of a name fairy
that will granted a name for everything.
My laptop,
I called it FATIMAH
Poor Fatimah,
Everytime I leave it to dust and sometimes 
I accidentally pour my drinks on top of it,
I would automatically say "sori fatimah, sori..jangan kau rusak ar...suriii"
 If anyone around,
It would be such a weird scene.

I have a fun naming every stuff that I owned.
Give away a name, and have fun!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

4 men+1 women.

Rajip (eyes closed) & Acai (Red phone guy)

sorry guys for posting your HANDSOMENESS 
here at my blog.

They are my ups and down Buddies.
The best memories is,
when we struggle through the whole month
for finishing our Civil Engineering Project,
where we didn't sleep,
they cook for me ( same menu every day)
and we almost collapse for
studying non stop for final exam.

They've been stand up for me
considering I am the only girl in the group,
They help me through everything
from studying matter to my love problems.

Our time is over,
but like any other good relationship built,
maybe the time went by,
but the memories remain.

I love them so much.

P/s : wan and rajip is still single. Anyone?

My Top 5 Anime (First ever!)

Cold day..
It's been raining since dawn and I am like,
"hell yeah I am not gonna wake up today"
But here I am sitting in front my office laptop,
and already finished my last month account report
and doing my first Top 5 Anime.

This typing and thinking things will help me warm a bit!
Hi Haaaaa~

Anyone out there
23 years old and a career woman who loves anime like me???
Please say there is.
(finger cross...searching for anime soulmate)

Here we go...
There is too many in my list,
but let me put it down until the top 5 in my list.
Including the ongoing anime and the one that already comes to an end.

Cardcaptor Sakura


Honey and Clover



One Piece

The ultimate winner of all anime
goes to ONE PIECE!

Here's a simple reason why I loved the winner,
It's easy.
When I laugh and cry watching this anime,
I know in my hearts that this anime
is destined for me to watch!
(whuut?? Lol)

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