Sunday, December 30, 2012

This moment

Put aside your cockiness
Define who you are not by what others think you might be as well as what you might accomplished, define yourself through what you did today,every words you said and what did you contribute to others.

World is at war,
People died everywhere not by any natural causes,
They died from hunger,
bombing, shooting, and lack of understanding.
World is nearly dying,
and who 's take the blame?
it's me, you and everyone else.

Instead of seeing the world coming to it's end,
why don't we start a new,
maybe our time passes and we don't have much time,
But let's see the bigger picture,
If there is still tomorrow,
There is still hope,
If you still wake up breathing
not awake breathless,
Let's turn the pages,
write a new chapter,
make a better story,
and lead it to a better ending.

We might loses our home,
our family, your loved ones,
our land, our possession,
But don't ever let it lost your morality,
your sense, your mind and affect your judgement.
When there is tomorrow,
There is life.

* A beautiful music, for a beautiful soul like all of us *

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Double 'F' Words.

I'm not a saint,
nor a devil...
But I tried to be less sensitive and unsensible.
People make mistake,
They lied,
They cheated,
I pissed off,
but eventually,
I decided to move on.
I forgive and I forget,
Though the memories will never fade,
I decide to move on,
Even they don't deserved kindness,
I decide to be someone else,
someone else that far better than they do.
Nobody will know what my truly feelings are,
but I learn to forgive and forget.

If you can't do both, choose one

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebration of Love

A day of celebration,
Celebration of Love...

I may be young,
I may be lack of understanding of life,
But Today,
I found something,
My eyes open to something,
I want to be happy,
I want to fight for something,
I want to win,
I want to loved,
and my fight for him is all I've ever known.
I wanna be together with him,
I love him,
and this song dedicated to him,
I love you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Evil Visited our Community Today

"It's a horror, there is evil and it took life away"

Big headlines

The evil a.k.a The killer

R.I.P : May they found peace

No matter what's life done to you,
you still have no right to took life away,
You have no right to play GOD.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Compose My First Malay song

oh sayang dimana
dirimu berada
kudisini menunggu
dirimu sentiasa
menanti hadirmu setiap waktu dan masa
kamu..membuat aku resah selalu~

oh sayang..apakah yang terjadi kepadaku,
wajahmu, terbayang-bayang di dalam mindaku,
setiap degup jantungku memikirkanmu,
ku berharap engkau pun begitu....

setiap kali aku
teringat padamu,
hatiku bertanya,
inikah yang dinamakan cinta....
(ulang korus)

sayang...aku jatuh cinta padamu...

Title: KAMU
By: Si Ain

Will you love me too?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Half Hearted

Always do the thing that you loved,
with the one you loved the most

Girls out there,
Be certain,
never half hearted.
If you like a men, be true and never lie.
If the men you like is half hearted,
never put yourself as an option,
Be with a men who will fight for you,
Find a men who meant every words he said,
Love a men whom instead of promising,he do it.
you can always give him a second chance,
see if he can repent himself,
If he did the same mistakes again,if he hurt you again,
leave him...
I know you loved him,
but stick with him will gain you nothing,
be brave and make decision.
It will always break your heart when he walk away,
but he is not the one,
he never be the one if he hurt you more than love you.
We certainly have a soft heart,
but it's not an excuse to be weak.
Be strong...

Being half hearted is never been an attitude,
it's a disease that make you put someone into misery.

My Safe Place

once in a while,
I tend to run away from problem instead of facing it.
Sometimes it is easier to be weak rather than being brave.
I do have the day that I'll be as weak as a person can be.

Running away is never an option,
but when I make it as a priority,
I hide in my own safe place...
When I feel beat to the ground,
when I want to be alone,
When I feel helpless,
Usually I walk myself to the nearest beach I can find,
I love beaches..
and I love to be alone there...
That is my safe place.

But if the moment of emptiness come
when the night has arrived,
I rather be locked up in my room,
put up the loudest volume of my favourite music
with ear plug in my ear..
sang along with the lyrics
Think nothing and just be one with the sound...
I do that until I fall asleep...
what worst can it be other than crying in your sleep...

Everyone will experienced this feeling once in a while,
you have your own safe place and way to fill in the empty spot
in your heart,so do I
It gets better...

Friday, October 19, 2012


From Editor

I'm going to dreamed of you...
I'm going to think of you...
I'm going to wish you well...
I'm going to loved you...
Because tomorrow,
I'm afraid to not going to dreamed of you...
not going to think of you any more...
not going to wish you well...
not going to loved you any longer...
so Tonight...
Let's loved each other to the fullest,
because there is no certain in tomorrow...
I can say I love you now,
But I can't say I will be loving you tomorrow,
If tomorrow comes,
and my love for you still grow,
your love for me still grow,
Let's be grateful,
put a hope,
for uncertain tomorrow.

You Against The World

Ever felt like everything you done is wrong?
The heavy burden on your shoulder that keeps you 
lower your stand?
The small voices around you that keeps saying
"You did wrong..."
"Eiii...Look at that"
"Why did you do that??"
Ever felt that it's only you against this hateful world?

Afraid not,
You are human,
we are human,
If you did wrong,
They did too...

When the whole world is turn their back on you,
When there is no one to turn to,
all you have to do is be strong,
The pain you gain,
The loss it caused you,
When everything is fall apart,
Be strong...
All you have to do is 
have faith restart and be strong...
just be strong....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously, you've forgotten it.
That's the way the human mind works.
Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us
to entertain, we reject it.
We erase it from our memories.
But the imprint is always there.

The pain that grips you
The fear that binds you
Releases life in me
In our mutual
Shame we idolize
To blind them from the truth
That finds a way from who we are
Please don't be afraid
When the darkness fades away
The dawn will break the silence
Screaming in our hearts
My love for you still grows
This I do for you
Before I try to fight the truth my final time

"We're supposed to try and be real.
And I feel alone, and we're not together. And that is real."

Lying beside you
Listening to you breathe
The life that flows inside of you
Burns inside of me
Hold and speak to me
Of love without a sound
Tell me you will live through this
And I will die for you
Cast me not away
Say you'll be with me
For I know I cannot
Bear it all alone

"You're not alone, honey."
"Never... Never."
"But the imprint is always there. Nothing is ever really forgotten."

Define Care

I would like to say “I care for you” instead using “I Love you”. Why? Because care is more tender and sound honest to me. I’ve heard too many people used the word LOVE and lied, well then for me the meaning of LOVE is already polluted and never felt true any more.

Care is a feeling that not only stands for liking or loving someone, but truly concern and warms a heart. We care for someone, we want them to be happy, we never are selfish, we never lied and we never disappointed if the love we felt is never be reply. We care for them for the best and the worst, we never pushed them apart neither push them afar.

If I met someone that I really cared of, I will looked at him from distance, wondering if he is doing okay, are the day going well, or maybe if there is something bothered him that caused those wrinkles on his forehead shows up. I would like to see him hanging out with his friends, talk and laughing about something funny, eat the food that he likes and breathe the air easily.

I would like the person that I care to be free and happy. I like to be happy just to know that I am not selfish, I am not forcing or doing anything that annoyed him. It doesn't matter if he did not feel the same way towards me; it’s okay because a true feeling is when we do what our heart desired.

be mine :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I want to be BOLD!

Oh Lord,
Women nowadays have such a courage to stand in the crowd
and be noticeable.
You can either be loud,
 The BOLD in this entry point of view is this

Yaiy! hands up if your head like this

Either way,
Other than too much stand up attention on your head
why not lessen it up a little
and make your head like this,

Isn't she gorgeous?

It's black and its both sexy plus funky on each side.

Sandara park of 2NE1, yet my idol of hairstyle like this so far.

one of my girlfriend already shaved her head
on the other side,
while keeping the long hair on the other.
I started to loved this hairstyle since.
My advice for those adventuresome women out there,
try one of this,
rather than be fully BOLD. 
Mimicking this hairstyle needs a pro to do so.
Pick a better salon and make your choices.

In case everything went wrong, 
then you can go for the first picture.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I wouldn't Be the Same

Everyone's born different.
Yes,we all BEAUTIFUL.

Tell Me your Wish

If there a genie were going to granted me a wish, 
I would ask for no more lies.
 I want it to be applied to each and every single soul in the world.
 I want every words to be spoken were the truth.
 It doesn’t matter even if it will hurt a heart, crush a pride nor kill a soul; all I want is no more lies.

Often happen when a friend lied to another friend in intention not to put an end to their friendship, 
or a wife lied to a husband when she spend too much money on accessories but to maintain a good relationship and a healthy life there should be no lies in the beginning. 

Do not make mistake if you don’t want to get caught after even though we are human and we do make mistake.
 So the other easy way is to admit it, apologise and just take whatever punishment you had to do. 
When a person got guts to do wrong, then you should get more of it to amend what you done.

You wish to put a smile on the face of someone you love, and then do not lie.
 You wish to have a long term relationship among friends and family, and then do not lie. World will be a better place when we don’t know how to lie or even so we know how to, 
we still don’t applied it in our daily life.
Still, there is an error with this wish.
 How can we not lie? How do we do that when lying can save a life and cheer a day? The moments where the untruth is reasonable and others don’t even seem matter any more.

 How could we speak the truth to a little child who hopes and life lies in our unspoken words? Would we tell the truth and let the child learn how cruel life could be? Will we be the one who smashed their only dreams of future? Or will we lie?
Did we meant every word's we said?

Eventually, everything led back to reality. 
It comes to the time when the genie asked me the question “what is your wish?” My brains will be stop to function and I will be stunned for a while.
 Maybe no more lies is not the best option considering everything that I learn about the needs of lies and maybe I will just simply say a mountain piles of heavy and valuable gold. Maybe I will go with that option.

Monday, June 4, 2012

When only Love was never enough

Have you ever heard 
"Money can't buy happiness,
But it help you to get there"
 Whoever agreed with me,
I think we are the kind of community
who stick to reality,


a girl gave up her hope and dreams
for the man she loves.
or a men losing their interest and friends
for the girl he adored,
they say,
"This is what we do for love"
I say,
"Yes, That what only foolish people do for love."

falling in love is not enough,
falling is love cannot guarantee ;
~ The money you pay for bills,food and etc..
~ The strength bond between your family and friends.
~ Your job
~ your whatever good things happen before you star falling in love.
~ your future

Falling in love
doesn't mean you have to stop
meeting your buddy's,
Playing football,
dressing nice,
a weekend alone,
a day without phone,
or a good time.


Falling in love,
Be in love,
Stay in the relationship,
keeping the distance,
make a promise,
promises comes true,
it's all about trust,
Only love will never ever enough,
Love with trust,
Trust with dignity,
Dignity with self respect,
self respect with effort,
effort will success,

Love is the first step,
you should not stop until then,
When only love,
was never enough.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The People who stay in my Heart

Pictured the emptiness in our heart,
Memorised the one who knock on the door
and leave the day after,
Imagine a life without someone you can't live without..
my heart shivered when I did that,
Don't you?

Although there is sun heated too strong,
it burn my skin
and makes me sweaty,
the person who stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

Although there is rainy day
and I am all soaking wet
with my make-up being washed away,
the person who stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

Although it's been 12 years of knowing each other
the fight and fist we thrown
the tears and blood,
when we started to call each other in bad times
when we hugs each other in joy,
there is no words to described our friendship,
so when you stay in my heart,
will always stay in my heart.

So here we go again,
Together Forever...
Kikie, Aemy and Jana.
Let's make our friendship everlasting,
like a fairy tale,
In the end
we will be happily ever after.

I Love you babes,..


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Road Not Taken

“If the path I’m taking is wrong, correct me...and lead me the right way. If the life I live is unfair, do not let me live...I’d rather die than live a mislead journey.” -Ah yin

Living things categories the needed into 3, 
which is the need for live (air,water and food), 
the need for security and the need for somebody to loved.
The need to find somebody to love is mostly the tricky part to fulfil. 
Sometime when the person found one, the one got away or maybe that person choose to walk away because of greediness to find someone else better rather than be grateful to what they have found earlier.

Many people assumed that the third need is not necessary. 
Some people choose to live alone but the truth is, nobody is alone. 
Love is universal; it includes family and friends beside that someone special. Connected to each other through body and soul, that somebody to love function to complete our need to live a perfect life then that person will have nothing else to seek. 

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. 

We will never feel completed even though those 3 needs are fulfil.
Regardless, we are made in pair. 
I believe that each and every one of us has been created a partner. 
Either we found it or not. 
Either we choose to look or close our eyes, either we found it already but letting go, or maybe either we just too late.
 I believe in destiny, I believe in God’s plans.
 I also believe people make mistakes.
. That the rain will always bring cold but the rainbow after is breathtaking. Everything is worth no matter how worst it could be.

We tell lies under 2 circumstances. 
Either we did it to make the person we lied to feel better, or we did it to make only we feel better. 
You choose. 

Still a lie is a lie, once the truth is revealed; everybody got stabbed in their heart.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A mother and A father

There is no family perfect,
is it? 
yet we know nobody is perfect,
yes there is also nothing can be conclude as perfect,
but a family is family,
we do not choose who is our father and mother,
all we have to know is,
we were born with love
and through love, we live...

I was once full of jealousy,
why is it my friends have a happy family? 
why is it their parents were still together and mine were apart? 
why is it mine is nothing compared to others? 
I was a fool,
I judge them by what I saw,
Yet their feeling in despair,
I choose to put aside.

I was once considered my self as a black sheep in a family,
as a unlucky child or something,
what do I think back then? 
I was filled with misery,
I blame them for letting me feel unwanted,
but ignore the fact,
Once the were together,
so how much my misery compared to their pain? 

It's how I build myself up after the separation,
I want to share my positiveness to others who in the same boat as me,
We supposed to be the one who look up for them
when the times passed by and they getting old,
no matter how far a father is or a mother is,
we should often visit,
We are the result of their love,
A father is a Father no matter how harsh they can be,
A mother is always be a mother no matter how noisy they can be,
Separation is bad,
but the thing we do to cope with the situation is important.

They never choose to break the family apart,
it's just somehow,
everything cannot be the same again,
they can't wake up in the same bed,
they can't live under the same roof,
we as a children,
we should accept the fact that they are human being,
they cannot pretend to be perfect so we can see their fake smile
towards each other,
we should let them cries and shout at each other
so when the time is done,
we knew that they are trying so damn hard to keep it together,
trying to be the perfect daddy and mommy,
they are trying.

In the end,
when the parents separated,
the children began to hurt,
and heart began to breaks,
this is apply to all members in the family,
children is not the only one affected,
the parents that make the decision,
they who are going the hard part.


You are Matter

conciousness doesn't mean we are well awake,
it's also define well aware of surrounding and adjusting to changes.
People change,
But the fact that past is still past,
that the only thing that will never be change.

Normal people choose to forget,
some choose to ended,
some chose to carry on,
the thing is,
we live with our past and we will remembered 
no matter how many times we shut our eyes,
we pretend not to hear,
we choose not to look.

For those who choose to forget,
can you really forget it? ,
for those who choose to ended,
by any mean necessary,
is it really ended? ,
or for those who choose to carry on,
why would you be with the one who hurt you? ...

Sleeping with eyes open wide,
starring at the blank ceiling and the spinning fan,
take as much time as you need,
whatever thing or whoever person who hurt you,
you need to acknowledge your pride first,
before you let them crush it.
Acknowledge that you are matter,
you are liveable,
you are important.

It's about to be or not to be,
wise man said,

' if you ignore me, I will ignore you..
if you don't start the conversation, I wont talk,
if you don't put an effort, why should I? '

Friday, March 2, 2012

Personal Choose : Best animal movie ever

Hachiko : A Dog's story

Based on a true event occur earlier 20-ies
It's about a dog found by a men,
and ever since,
they were close as the closest thing might be.
This is a must-see movie at all time,
Even a dog can be loyal,
Why couldn't we?

The true event take places in Tokyo,Japan.
The dog named hachiko, brought to Tokyo in 1924 by his owner
Hidesamuro Ueno.
Each day when Ueno left for work,Hachiko will stand at the door and watch him go.
Until it began to send ueno off to train station and come back again every
4' pm to greet Ueno back.
Until one day, Ueno never returned after attacked by stroke
while teaching at the university. Ueno is a professor though.
Hachiko somehow just can't leave the train station
without seeing Ueno again.
This is continues for another 9 years,
where hachiko keep coming to the exact same spot at the train station
and waited until his master return.
Hachiko died in 1935,at the same spot after 9 years of waiting.
But the Dog will never be forgotten,
one of Ueno's former student write an article about it
after knowing that the Hachiko breed is only 30 of them in Japan.
Hachiko statued was made at the train station,
where Hachiko live and die waiting for Ueno.
That bronze statue was a symbol of
loyalty and love among man and animal among

A cute dog and a great actor played
 Ueno and Hachiko character very well

Real hachiko and the bronze statue for it.

Love is not only we seek from a man,
but we seek and get it from any God's living thing.
It's amazing,

* True loved never ends, even if the one you loved dies*

Remaining Second

Those who values their life,
will values every second that remaining.
yet we never will predict the death of ourselves,
but surely it will come upon us.
be grateful for what you have,
For every person you hold,
for every reason you breath.

There is no reason to be afraid
if you were left alone,
Life is a struggle,
we crossed path with many man,
some will teach us different values in life.
Don't try hard to find it,
They'll surely come.

Lay in the ground and feel good about yourself
Pretend is like walking naked.

* Clock is ticking *

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