Monday, April 29, 2013

Fair Play

To win or to conquer,
one must do to the very best
to accomplish whatever the heart desire.

To not lose and avoid surrender,
one must gather all the best man and best weapon,
to feel the satisfaction of winning.

To hold the ultimate winning,
Play fair.
So no one will hold grudges against your deception,
and everyone will admit your glorious victory.

Election Day, will you be fair?

I should vote..for the next PRU.

I am a Malaysian citizen,
born in 90's.

It's PRU season,
Everyone's keep talking about which side will win.
Is it Barisan Nasional?
Pakatan Rakyat?
and many more.
I can tell the heat of PRU by the view of
too many flag that been put along the road,
hang on the electric pole and many more.
By the news I've heard everyday at television
and read from the paper,
by the post from public at social networks.
Too much that you can tell,
This time will be different.

maybe because you can see more of
PKR flags than BN flags,
or maybe because I've heard almost 88%
of my friends and family talk about is PKR but not BN.
I lived in Sabah.
I not well aware about the development that BN
already made and accomplished at Sabah,
but I think Sabah are doing goods,
but still,
I admit I am lack of knowledge about this stuff,
and my judgement based on what I see,
not by what I know.

According to the law,
I am capable of voting since last year,
but I did not registered for voting,
so next PRU then I will vote for the first time in my life.

I used to think that
why should I vote?
will one vote decide the winner?
Why should I care about politics?
But then,
I realise that I am malaysian,
It's my right to vote,
to choose the leader,
I should care more about malaysian politics,
I should be a responsible citizens,
then I should vote.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Avoiding Society Sickness

I don't know if anyone else noticed
but I do avoid talking to the people I know,
I avoid a reunion,
Avoid talking and avoid entertainment,
I am personally dedicated my self with my work,
My only gate away is writing and listening to music.
Except from my family members( I lived with them and if I do
neglect my family too, then I have a major issue here)
and also my boyfriend.
Of course we text each other like 24/7
and it's impossible to avoid him
He'll be knocking at my door if I'm not replying his text or
answering his call.
Also my co-workers here,
I need to interact with them
about working matters
considering recently we had a finance and security problem here
at work place.

What I mean by me avoiding society,
I hate make an eye contact with stranger,
It's not that I'm shy,
I just hate everyone else/strangers.
I am not good at making a new friends before,
and now it got worst.
I hate people,
I just hate society,
I don't do Facebook anymore,
I keep getting annoyed by people,
instead of me letting the hate grows,
I shut my self from other people,
strangers to be exact.
I have no attention to make friends or whatever.

Maybe I'm mentally tired
Or physically exhausted.
I work everyday.
I just loved making money.
But Money can't be a listener.
I am afraid I will lose myself to silent.

I need to be open up to new things
I'm afraid of trying something new.
It's okay to be old fashion,
but I still need a changes in life.
something new,
and worth everything.

I am :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rest in Peace

Hey there,
I am eager to write and share my thoughts about 
recent phenomena on youtube.
It's not a good things,
so I'm not going to give them any positive response,
they do deserve it.

First of all,
about the bullying things
the class monitor being hit by his classmate for
reporting to teacher about they bringing phone to school.
The video is about a minute duration and
uploaded on youtube.
It's our malaysian students for god sake.
Push aside the nationality of boys
but they were BOYS and I believe
it define them as immature and innocent.
They still have a lot to learn.
Where do the violence comes from?
Is there anyone else should be blame other than themselves?

when i took my lunch while scrolling my friends facebook wall,
I noticed this video also uploaded in youtube
about a group of S.M.A students (girls)
which I believe from Indonesia ( correct me if I'm wrong)
they make fun about solat ( muslim's prayers)
one of the girls is wearing hijab (tudung)
and they recorded the video in classroom
and act like they were about to perform a solat
but mixed it up with Maroon 5 songs and dance!!
I just can't believe my eyes...

A few minutes ago,
I found another video uploaded on youtube.
This time also a group of student and yet again girls,
with school uniform somewhere a school from kelantan,
two of them kicking,punching and grabbing each others hair
while their skirt is pulled up high and you can see clearly
those girls thighs
God, what comes into our young generations now??
What do they have in mind?
Is school a stage to make an entertaining yet violence video?
or what?

I have two little brothers,
I am afraid of what they will become,
I am afraid of what kind of friend will they make,
I am afraid of the choice they will take.
I am afraid of young generations perception of life
how they define live? love?
Do they know tolerance and sympathy?
Do they even have heart?
RIP for intellectual and maturity.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Imagine how your day 
can be ruined and affected terribly by others.
It's a NO NO for me
to wake up early morning and suddenly
something happen and ruined your entire day.
I won't do that to others,
so that I expect what others will do to me.

Sometimes when things like this happen,
I just need to consumed some sugar,
well they said sweet things can lessen the moody feeling
I guess that's a bit work out for me.

For those who easily annoyed like me,
we just need some sugar in life.
Take a deep breath in and breath it out,
let the problems flow out from your body through the exhalation,
and inhale those happy thoughts and fresh air.
Do not let anything burden you head and keeps you 
out of focus all day,
don't let the burden hang at the tip of your mouth
and unallowed you to smile.
Keep a happy thought and we will be alright.

But still,
It's a NO NO
to wake someone just to put him/her on a bad mood.
Please, don't.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm glad to have you

I've survived the entire last week.
The whole overtime working and my convocation days.
I thought I will lost 10 years of my life span,
but hey,
I made it and I am so proud of myself.

meeting my friends from polytechnic
seems cheer my mood up.
(considering I'm working extra hour for 3 days straight before my convocation day)
I haven't see them since last year and I'm glad everyone's doing great!
I wish for everyone's prosperity and joyous adventures ahead.
and congratulation!!

hey there!

Not like the others,
 I don't take a lot of pictures during that day,
but the memories will remain unforgettable.

be safe and be happy.
Love you all.

especially for my team mate a.k.a brothers
acai, wan and rajip.

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