Friday, October 19, 2012


From Editor

I'm going to dreamed of you...
I'm going to think of you...
I'm going to wish you well...
I'm going to loved you...
Because tomorrow,
I'm afraid to not going to dreamed of you...
not going to think of you any more...
not going to wish you well...
not going to loved you any longer...
so Tonight...
Let's loved each other to the fullest,
because there is no certain in tomorrow...
I can say I love you now,
But I can't say I will be loving you tomorrow,
If tomorrow comes,
and my love for you still grow,
your love for me still grow,
Let's be grateful,
put a hope,
for uncertain tomorrow.

You Against The World

Ever felt like everything you done is wrong?
The heavy burden on your shoulder that keeps you 
lower your stand?
The small voices around you that keeps saying
"You did wrong..."
"Eiii...Look at that"
"Why did you do that??"
Ever felt that it's only you against this hateful world?

Afraid not,
You are human,
we are human,
If you did wrong,
They did too...

When the whole world is turn their back on you,
When there is no one to turn to,
all you have to do is be strong,
The pain you gain,
The loss it caused you,
When everything is fall apart,
Be strong...
All you have to do is 
have faith restart and be strong...
just be strong....

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