Sunday, December 30, 2012

This moment

Put aside your cockiness
Define who you are not by what others think you might be as well as what you might accomplished, define yourself through what you did today,every words you said and what did you contribute to others.

World is at war,
People died everywhere not by any natural causes,
They died from hunger,
bombing, shooting, and lack of understanding.
World is nearly dying,
and who 's take the blame?
it's me, you and everyone else.

Instead of seeing the world coming to it's end,
why don't we start a new,
maybe our time passes and we don't have much time,
But let's see the bigger picture,
If there is still tomorrow,
There is still hope,
If you still wake up breathing
not awake breathless,
Let's turn the pages,
write a new chapter,
make a better story,
and lead it to a better ending.

We might loses our home,
our family, your loved ones,
our land, our possession,
But don't ever let it lost your morality,
your sense, your mind and affect your judgement.
When there is tomorrow,
There is life.

* A beautiful music, for a beautiful soul like all of us *

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Double 'F' Words.

I'm not a saint,
nor a devil...
But I tried to be less sensitive and unsensible.
People make mistake,
They lied,
They cheated,
I pissed off,
but eventually,
I decided to move on.
I forgive and I forget,
Though the memories will never fade,
I decide to move on,
Even they don't deserved kindness,
I decide to be someone else,
someone else that far better than they do.
Nobody will know what my truly feelings are,
but I learn to forgive and forget.

If you can't do both, choose one

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebration of Love

A day of celebration,
Celebration of Love...

I may be young,
I may be lack of understanding of life,
But Today,
I found something,
My eyes open to something,
I want to be happy,
I want to fight for something,
I want to win,
I want to loved,
and my fight for him is all I've ever known.
I wanna be together with him,
I love him,
and this song dedicated to him,
I love you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Evil Visited our Community Today

"It's a horror, there is evil and it took life away"

Big headlines

The evil a.k.a The killer

R.I.P : May they found peace

No matter what's life done to you,
you still have no right to took life away,
You have no right to play GOD.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Compose My First Malay song

oh sayang dimana
dirimu berada
kudisini menunggu
dirimu sentiasa
menanti hadirmu setiap waktu dan masa
kamu..membuat aku resah selalu~

oh sayang..apakah yang terjadi kepadaku,
wajahmu, terbayang-bayang di dalam mindaku,
setiap degup jantungku memikirkanmu,
ku berharap engkau pun begitu....

setiap kali aku
teringat padamu,
hatiku bertanya,
inikah yang dinamakan cinta....
(ulang korus)

sayang...aku jatuh cinta padamu...

Title: KAMU
By: Si Ain

Will you love me too?

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