Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I want to be BOLD!

Oh Lord,
Women nowadays have such a courage to stand in the crowd
and be noticeable.
You can either be loud,
 The BOLD in this entry point of view is this

Yaiy! hands up if your head like this

Either way,
Other than too much stand up attention on your head
why not lessen it up a little
and make your head like this,

Isn't she gorgeous?

It's black and its both sexy plus funky on each side.

Sandara park of 2NE1, yet my idol of hairstyle like this so far.

one of my girlfriend already shaved her head
on the other side,
while keeping the long hair on the other.
I started to loved this hairstyle since.
My advice for those adventuresome women out there,
try one of this,
rather than be fully BOLD. 
Mimicking this hairstyle needs a pro to do so.
Pick a better salon and make your choices.

In case everything went wrong, 
then you can go for the first picture.

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