Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finger Crossed

It's saturday,
and by upcoming monday.
I'll be hearing news about my job to be
at Sipitang.
I've been going back and forth
settling my interview and many more about the job.
Well, I've got support from few of the workers at the company 
I've been interviewing with,
and the meeting between me and the branch manager was successful.
I am waiting for the confirmation about my salary
and when I can start.

I've never been there.
I'm sabahan, shame on me

About the job,
I won't explain further
but the company I will be working with,
involved with SAMUR project
it's Sabah Ammonia Urea plant project
that in process to be built at Sipitang.
It's a big project,
and I am so excited to be a part of it.
Our company is expert on scaffolding
and I'll be working on the office located on the site,
I've heard everyone talking about
it will be hot and I'll be exposed to sunray 
but whatever,
I am Civil Engineering Diploma holder,
Of course I won't be expecting
to do an easy work.
Challenge accepted!

Wish me LUCK!
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