Friday, March 2, 2012

Personal Choose : Best animal movie ever

Hachiko : A Dog's story

Based on a true event occur earlier 20-ies
It's about a dog found by a men,
and ever since,
they were close as the closest thing might be.
This is a must-see movie at all time,
Even a dog can be loyal,
Why couldn't we?

The true event take places in Tokyo,Japan.
The dog named hachiko, brought to Tokyo in 1924 by his owner
Hidesamuro Ueno.
Each day when Ueno left for work,Hachiko will stand at the door and watch him go.
Until it began to send ueno off to train station and come back again every
4' pm to greet Ueno back.
Until one day, Ueno never returned after attacked by stroke
while teaching at the university. Ueno is a professor though.
Hachiko somehow just can't leave the train station
without seeing Ueno again.
This is continues for another 9 years,
where hachiko keep coming to the exact same spot at the train station
and waited until his master return.
Hachiko died in 1935,at the same spot after 9 years of waiting.
But the Dog will never be forgotten,
one of Ueno's former student write an article about it
after knowing that the Hachiko breed is only 30 of them in Japan.
Hachiko statued was made at the train station,
where Hachiko live and die waiting for Ueno.
That bronze statue was a symbol of
loyalty and love among man and animal among

A cute dog and a great actor played
 Ueno and Hachiko character very well

Real hachiko and the bronze statue for it.

Love is not only we seek from a man,
but we seek and get it from any God's living thing.
It's amazing,

* True loved never ends, even if the one you loved dies*

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