Saturday, April 28, 2012

You are Matter

conciousness doesn't mean we are well awake,
it's also define well aware of surrounding and adjusting to changes.
People change,
But the fact that past is still past,
that the only thing that will never be change.

Normal people choose to forget,
some choose to ended,
some chose to carry on,
the thing is,
we live with our past and we will remembered 
no matter how many times we shut our eyes,
we pretend not to hear,
we choose not to look.

For those who choose to forget,
can you really forget it? ,
for those who choose to ended,
by any mean necessary,
is it really ended? ,
or for those who choose to carry on,
why would you be with the one who hurt you? ...

Sleeping with eyes open wide,
starring at the blank ceiling and the spinning fan,
take as much time as you need,
whatever thing or whoever person who hurt you,
you need to acknowledge your pride first,
before you let them crush it.
Acknowledge that you are matter,
you are liveable,
you are important.

It's about to be or not to be,
wise man said,

' if you ignore me, I will ignore you..
if you don't start the conversation, I wont talk,
if you don't put an effort, why should I? '

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