Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tell Me your Wish

If there a genie were going to granted me a wish, 
I would ask for no more lies.
 I want it to be applied to each and every single soul in the world.
 I want every words to be spoken were the truth.
 It doesn’t matter even if it will hurt a heart, crush a pride nor kill a soul; all I want is no more lies.

Often happen when a friend lied to another friend in intention not to put an end to their friendship, 
or a wife lied to a husband when she spend too much money on accessories but to maintain a good relationship and a healthy life there should be no lies in the beginning. 

Do not make mistake if you don’t want to get caught after even though we are human and we do make mistake.
 So the other easy way is to admit it, apologise and just take whatever punishment you had to do. 
When a person got guts to do wrong, then you should get more of it to amend what you done.

You wish to put a smile on the face of someone you love, and then do not lie.
 You wish to have a long term relationship among friends and family, and then do not lie. World will be a better place when we don’t know how to lie or even so we know how to, 
we still don’t applied it in our daily life.
Still, there is an error with this wish.
 How can we not lie? How do we do that when lying can save a life and cheer a day? The moments where the untruth is reasonable and others don’t even seem matter any more.

 How could we speak the truth to a little child who hopes and life lies in our unspoken words? Would we tell the truth and let the child learn how cruel life could be? Will we be the one who smashed their only dreams of future? Or will we lie?
Did we meant every word's we said?

Eventually, everything led back to reality. 
It comes to the time when the genie asked me the question “what is your wish?” My brains will be stop to function and I will be stunned for a while.
 Maybe no more lies is not the best option considering everything that I learn about the needs of lies and maybe I will just simply say a mountain piles of heavy and valuable gold. Maybe I will go with that option.
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