Monday, June 4, 2012

When only Love was never enough

Have you ever heard 
"Money can't buy happiness,
But it help you to get there"
 Whoever agreed with me,
I think we are the kind of community
who stick to reality,


a girl gave up her hope and dreams
for the man she loves.
or a men losing their interest and friends
for the girl he adored,
they say,
"This is what we do for love"
I say,
"Yes, That what only foolish people do for love."

falling in love is not enough,
falling is love cannot guarantee ;
~ The money you pay for bills,food and etc..
~ The strength bond between your family and friends.
~ Your job
~ your whatever good things happen before you star falling in love.
~ your future

Falling in love
doesn't mean you have to stop
meeting your buddy's,
Playing football,
dressing nice,
a weekend alone,
a day without phone,
or a good time.


Falling in love,
Be in love,
Stay in the relationship,
keeping the distance,
make a promise,
promises comes true,
it's all about trust,
Only love will never ever enough,
Love with trust,
Trust with dignity,
Dignity with self respect,
self respect with effort,
effort will success,

Love is the first step,
you should not stop until then,
When only love,
was never enough.

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