Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 + Me becoming 23!

It's 2013 right?
 I just have this idea about what I'm gonna post
as my first entry for this new year,
Here I go...

I started to be a blogger
since 2010...
so this is my 3rd year,
(apparently, there is so much number 3)
 I talk shit and full of rubbish at my blog,
Some of my blogger senior talk to me
and gave me some advice
to talk something nice and valuable
so I won't affect someone's thought if they read it,
Then I clean up all my previous entry,
making this is my number 23 entry
since I start a new,
(Number 3, again?)

Let me introduce my self,
I'm Ain
the author of this blog,
Yeah, that's my name too...
People called me Farah,
but my family and whoever related to my family
called me Ain,
So let's just go with Ain,
Farah is me, Ain is also me...
Don't get confused there
because my full name is Nor Farah Ain,

It's me!

This blog entirely
focusing about LIFE,
everything that comes around goes around.
I'am inspired to inspire my readers,
I want to contribute through my writing,
I want to share my experiences,
other's experiences
to gain a lot more.
I want to make people feel better when they read my post
It makes me feel better,
Let's be better together then.

It's not the year that count,
but what we do is the key,
I have a simple wish list,
and it will goes on not only for this year..
but until my last year of life...
I want to be HAPPY.
Physically, mentally and spirituality,
I wish the same for all of you too!

smile and show your teeth!

I wish us all the best!

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