Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Everybody's changing

We do growing up
age increasing,
hair whitening,
Lose strength,
growing up is not being matured,
growing up doesn't make us right,
It doesn't make us invisible of doing wrong,
Growing up is a must,
Being matured is a choice.

A friend told me
Everybody's change,
Yes...that's true...

Here's the thing is,
when we believe that everything's changed,
 do the changed we made only happens once?
Is it once we change,
we will stay like that for eternity...?

We changed from good to bad,
but believe me,
We can also changed from being bad to good.
It's life,
If you have consciousness,
You'll think and you'll be better for good.

Changed did not occurs once,
it happens all the time as we growing older and older,
as we met various type of people,
As we involved at many incidents
we will changed
all the time.

Make sure the changed you become is worth living
and worth showing to people
how much you changed to be better.
Let's together changed to be a better us in the future.

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