Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lack of bravery

Nowadays trends,
You got email, facebook, twitter, Instagram (etc) and many more
It do connect people from all side of the world,
but from my point of view,
when people start posting they words and their intention,
posting their hopes, dreams, experienced and many more,
we lose our ability of speak,
speak to the crowd or speak directly to that person which our post meant to be.

From my experienced,
When we hate someone,
or felt unpleased or whatever unwanted feelings we have towards someone,
we post it.
rather than face it, 
instead we just post it.
Rather than you face the problems and talk to him/her to work things out,
you just post it.
If that person see the post you meant for them,
well, it can lead to war in whose typing sounds tough enough,
or whose replying the comment faster.
That's the trend of speaking now.

It's just another dark side about nowadays trend.
But fear not,
Not the trends to be blamed,
It's our personality to be blamed.
Facebook, twitter and so on can't created war, fight or jealousy,
It's the person behind it who does it all.

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