Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm singing my blue

I had a really bad dream...
A bad dream.
And I hate it.
It effects me okay?
My mood is totally blueeee...

My emotion quite shaky lately,
maybe because the invasion of Sabah,
then when I woke up this morning,
another shocking news
about a suspicious group of men coming down from hill
near my work place.
Terrified already.
Enough with the invasion.
Stop it!

About the dream I had,
I may be thinking too much,
 I forced myself to think out of the box
that completely making no sense,
and lastly I can't sleep well,
and I woke up with eye bag.
I'm tired all day long
and emotionally disturbed.

Now the song's played on the radio..
it's a sad song.
I usually love sad song,
but not now.

I'm just having not a bad day,
but a blue day...

I want to smile while I'm sleeping and dreams happily.

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