Thursday, April 25, 2013

Avoiding Society Sickness

I don't know if anyone else noticed
but I do avoid talking to the people I know,
I avoid a reunion,
Avoid talking and avoid entertainment,
I am personally dedicated my self with my work,
My only gate away is writing and listening to music.
Except from my family members( I lived with them and if I do
neglect my family too, then I have a major issue here)
and also my boyfriend.
Of course we text each other like 24/7
and it's impossible to avoid him
He'll be knocking at my door if I'm not replying his text or
answering his call.
Also my co-workers here,
I need to interact with them
about working matters
considering recently we had a finance and security problem here
at work place.

What I mean by me avoiding society,
I hate make an eye contact with stranger,
It's not that I'm shy,
I just hate everyone else/strangers.
I am not good at making a new friends before,
and now it got worst.
I hate people,
I just hate society,
I don't do Facebook anymore,
I keep getting annoyed by people,
instead of me letting the hate grows,
I shut my self from other people,
strangers to be exact.
I have no attention to make friends or whatever.

Maybe I'm mentally tired
Or physically exhausted.
I work everyday.
I just loved making money.
But Money can't be a listener.
I am afraid I will lose myself to silent.

I need to be open up to new things
I'm afraid of trying something new.
It's okay to be old fashion,
but I still need a changes in life.
something new,
and worth everything.

I am :)

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