Monday, April 29, 2013

I should vote..for the next PRU.

I am a Malaysian citizen,
born in 90's.

It's PRU season,
Everyone's keep talking about which side will win.
Is it Barisan Nasional?
Pakatan Rakyat?
and many more.
I can tell the heat of PRU by the view of
too many flag that been put along the road,
hang on the electric pole and many more.
By the news I've heard everyday at television
and read from the paper,
by the post from public at social networks.
Too much that you can tell,
This time will be different.

maybe because you can see more of
PKR flags than BN flags,
or maybe because I've heard almost 88%
of my friends and family talk about is PKR but not BN.
I lived in Sabah.
I not well aware about the development that BN
already made and accomplished at Sabah,
but I think Sabah are doing goods,
but still,
I admit I am lack of knowledge about this stuff,
and my judgement based on what I see,
not by what I know.

According to the law,
I am capable of voting since last year,
but I did not registered for voting,
so next PRU then I will vote for the first time in my life.

I used to think that
why should I vote?
will one vote decide the winner?
Why should I care about politics?
But then,
I realise that I am malaysian,
It's my right to vote,
to choose the leader,
I should care more about malaysian politics,
I should be a responsible citizens,
then I should vote.

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