Saturday, April 13, 2013


Imagine how your day 
can be ruined and affected terribly by others.
It's a NO NO for me
to wake up early morning and suddenly
something happen and ruined your entire day.
I won't do that to others,
so that I expect what others will do to me.

Sometimes when things like this happen,
I just need to consumed some sugar,
well they said sweet things can lessen the moody feeling
I guess that's a bit work out for me.

For those who easily annoyed like me,
we just need some sugar in life.
Take a deep breath in and breath it out,
let the problems flow out from your body through the exhalation,
and inhale those happy thoughts and fresh air.
Do not let anything burden you head and keeps you 
out of focus all day,
don't let the burden hang at the tip of your mouth
and unallowed you to smile.
Keep a happy thought and we will be alright.

But still,
It's a NO NO
to wake someone just to put him/her on a bad mood.
Please, don't.

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