Saturday, May 4, 2013

I named everything

It's freezing in my office.
I hated air conditioner,
I hated winter (luckily Malaysia doesn't experience winter)
I hate cold places.
The fact is I easily caught cold and fever
if I am exposed to any degree of freezing's.
Anyone else might say it hot,
but I am sensitive to coldness.

Back to main point,
me and my sister bought
a balloon crocodile that can stand on it's own
with a sort-of bean support inside it.
(I don't know what it called!)
But hey,
It's green and half of my height
and you can punch it and sit on it,
It will never explode. hopefully

I decided to give it a name.
It's a crocodile,
so I named it CODY
After that,
everyone in the house called it that way.
Epic huh..
My laptop, hand phone and many other things
I can't list of,
actually have a name.
Haha~ I am sort of a name fairy
that will granted a name for everything.
My laptop,
I called it FATIMAH
Poor Fatimah,
Everytime I leave it to dust and sometimes 
I accidentally pour my drinks on top of it,
I would automatically say "sori fatimah, sori..jangan kau rusak ar...suriii"
 If anyone around,
It would be such a weird scene.

I have a fun naming every stuff that I owned.
Give away a name, and have fun!

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