Wednesday, May 1, 2013

4 men+1 women.

Rajip (eyes closed) & Acai (Red phone guy)

sorry guys for posting your HANDSOMENESS 
here at my blog.

They are my ups and down Buddies.
The best memories is,
when we struggle through the whole month
for finishing our Civil Engineering Project,
where we didn't sleep,
they cook for me ( same menu every day)
and we almost collapse for
studying non stop for final exam.

They've been stand up for me
considering I am the only girl in the group,
They help me through everything
from studying matter to my love problems.

Our time is over,
but like any other good relationship built,
maybe the time went by,
but the memories remain.

I love them so much.

P/s : wan and rajip is still single. Anyone?
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