Saturday, May 4, 2013


In anything I do,
I wish for tranquility and peace.
For me, the greatest problem of all
is the burden you let hanging on your shoulder
and filling your mind and every thought.
That is a big problem.
You would like to stop thinking,
remembering and rewinding the same negative energy,
but you can't.
Sometimes I can't. I let this burden grow bigger
and I end up loss appetite, lack of sleep and over thinking.
When I show sign of all the above,
a laughter will be made up,
a fake smile will cover it up.
Everything will not be the same as it ever anymore.
You know what I am talking about right?
When you keep a problem to yourself,
you start thinking backwards and you just can't find a way out.
You try to distract your mind to other things
that will cheer you up,
but the happiness is temporary.
You'll end up start to think about the problem again
and the problematic routine will start all over again.
It takes me a week at least
to get over something that upset me.
After a week,
I usually feel like a newborn baby,
I feel energetic and finally found my inner peace.
But the past week,
It's a hell in your mind and soul.
Your mind wander everywhere,
You can't focused and distracted every time.
Love is not everything that we need,
We need tranquility.
We need to be freed from burden
that will stop you from accepting something fresh and new.

Let's find our inner peace.

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