Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Both sides that never the same

You wish that you knew,
but truly,
You only knew half of it,
and the other half,
It's totally different.

I am in the mood of telling you my story,
About a man,
with two side of him. (who doesn't)
But normally,
you can guess the other side of human personality
when he/she revealing the first half.
It's easy to noticed IF he's being himself.
that's another story.

A man,
I knew to be completely matured and responsible,
He score 10/10 when first time we met.
Always the first impression will lead the other way right?
While he's being honest and open up to me,
I was blinded by his charming,
I am attracted by his attitude
and I am positive that he have a great soul.
Those words and stories,
sounds too good to be true,
I believe in him.

And the other half of him started to show up.
It's completely a shocking situation that I've ever been through,
But I am a very hardcore women.
I knew I was fooled but I don't breakdown.
I try to keep up with his other side,
but somehow it goes deeper and darker.
You see,
From being amazed it went to sympathy.
Of course a bit of hateful and regret somewhere,
but I made it through.
One will never get somewhere with revenge etc.
I let go.

Let go is easy,
but the memoir remains.
It's like a scar of war.
It reminds you of the enemy and hardship that you've been through.
It's a lesson in life.
Cliche how people say the scar will never gone with bad meanings,
even the scar's still there,
It won't hurt you as long as it remain as a scar.
People may see you differently with the scar,
You may look ugly or whatever harsh word it might be,
But every scar has it's own story.
It's a treasure that keeps you going.
You may go forward or backwards,
it's your choice. 

Lesson learned.
First impression is somehow can be manipulative,
A person specifically is always manipulative.
You think you know them,
But think again.

I believe in Karma. :)

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